How to make a newborn sweater on a knitting loom!

Have you ever wanted to make cute baby clothes but just didn’t know what your doing? I am in the same boat!  I love knitting on the knifty knitter looms I have but till recently, have been only able to do hats, scarfs and blankets.  I wanted a pattern that I could do on the loom.  This is what I came up with.  Hope you enjoy it!


green Knifty knitter loom, yarn of your choice ( I used 2 threads as 1), binding off needle

This pattern is knit mainly as a flat panel.

Starting with the back:Begin by E-wraping pegs 1-12, knit 24 rows as a flat panel using pegs 36 and13 as your turning pegs.  Break yarn.  Leave your 24 knitted rows(back) on the loom.

To make sleeves: beginning with peg 26 e wrap to peg 23,(only pegs 24 and 25 will be empty).  Next knit middle section (pegs 1-12) to attach back to arms.  Knit 12 full rows using pegs 24 and 25 as your turning pegs. 

Make neck opening: to make the neck opening we will bind off pegs 4-9, to do this take peg 9 loop and place on peg 8, knit peg 8 ( pull existing loop on peg 8 over loop from peg 9) then take loop from peg 7 place on peg 8 knit.  Place peg 8 loop on peg 7. then take peg 6 loop place on peg 7 knit.  Now take loop from peg 7 (previously loop from peg 6) and place back on peg 6.  Continue working this way until u have placed loop from peg 3 on peg 4, knit then return loop to peg 3.  This will remove all loops from pegs 4-9. 

right sleeve and right neck:  your working yarn should be at peg 23, work 6 flat panel rows from peg 23 back to peg 10, using pegs 9 and 24 as turning pegs. (23,22,21…11,10)  Next knit 7 rows increasing 1 at the neck edge until peg5 is the turning peg.  (working yarn should be at neck edge when finished Peg 6)  We will now bind off pegs 23-13 placing last loop onto peg 12.  (this is the same process as we used earlier to bind off)

Right side front:  knit 24 flat panel rows from peg 6-12, using pegs 5 and 13 as turning pegs. Bind off (just as before) then break yarn.

left sleeve and left neck:  E wrap pegs 26-3 (26,27,28…2,3).  knit 6 rows as a flat panel.  Then knit 7 more rows increasing 1 at the neck opening untill peg 8 is the turning peg.  make sure working edge is at the neck opening (peg 7) when you are finished.  Bind off pegs 26-36 placing last loop on peg 1( Again same method as before). 

Left side front: knit 24 flat panel rows on pegs 1-7 using pegs 36 and 8 as your turning pegs.  Bind off. 

finish:  To finish lay sweater out flat, fold in arm panels and with your needle and yarn sew up sides and sleeves to finish your sweater.

This sweater is super cute!  You can add buttons or other embellishments as well!  I will be posting an image soon!(as soon as I learn how lol)


About cashmerecrafts

I am a happily married mother of two beautiful baby boys. I love to do crafts, especially loom knitting and cross stitch!
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